Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh the Things I Would Write...

Here's a quick list of the things that have been happening lately that I wish I had time to write a LOT more about...

Summer Mob

We jumped on the Call Me Maybe train with our first East Side flash mob.  Around the same time we were also doing a string of Verizon promotions for their Your Incredible Journey contest.  Silliness and good times transpired.  Oh!  I also taught hip hop for our National Dance Day workshop.  Lots of people came and danced outside in the HOT sun that day - what a great group!

With Beth and Sara at a Summer Mob Rehearsal

Theatre For Life

I participated in a scavenger hunt at Seattle Center for a chance to win Theatre For Live for Seattle Repertory Theatre's 50th Anniversary.  Sadly, I didn't win, but it was still a fun day.

Picture taken by Seattle Rep during the scavenger hunt.  This station was for Pullman Porter Blues - the first show in their upcoming season.

PAX Prime

I went to PAX for the first time - what?!  It was INSANE.  I had been planing to go since LAST year's convention and was lucky to get tickets before they sold out in 2 seconds (only still only scoring a one day pass).  I'd love to go next year but REALLY feel like you need at least two days to experience and participate in this massive gaming convention

Kat's Arcade?

Blueberry Picking

Sara and I went blueberry picking and had SO much fun!  (Technically it was blueberry picking plus a trip to the Container Store, which made it even better.)  I really do intend to write a full post about this because I need to share what I MADE with all of my blueberries!  Berry picking ROCKS!  Of course now berry picking season is basically over....but we have plans to go pick apples in October!

Bucket o' Blueberries

Last Weekend

Apparently I'm just trying to cram as many things in as possible into every waking moment.  The problem is that Seattle ALWAYS has something awesome to do.  Last Friday Beth, Jared and I + about 20 other flash mob peeps went to the Sing-A-Long Grease.  Of course it was a good time, how could it not be??

On Saturday Jared and I drove up to Bellingham.  That's right, you read that correctly - BELLINGHAM - for the Greek Festival.  We're going to both be out of town for the Seattle one and didn't want to miss out on an annual binge of loukoumades (aka bite sized pieces of magic, rainbows, happiness, and honey).  I enjoy other Greek fare as well, so I was willing to drive to Almost-Canada to make this happen.  It was SO worth it!

That night we were celebrating Byron's birthday, which now has the established tradition (this being the second year) of going out on a sailboat for a sunset sail.  (Plus dinner before and drinks after.)  Luckily it didn't start raining until the second we stepped OFF the boat!

On Sunday Sara, Jared, and I drove down to Puyallup - yes, Puyallup - for the fair.  As in, THE in, they even have the website  I grew up going to the Clark County Fair but had never gone to the Puyallup Fair.  Neither had Sara and Jared, so we drove on down and enjoyed an afternoon of animals, vendors, fair food, and various exhibits.  We decided to pass on rides.  I had a grand ol' time at the fair.  I had my traditional fair food, which is corn on the cob, and to my delight Spud's - the fish & chip place I used to go to ALL the time when I lived in West Seattle - had a booth there too!  Man, they're good.  I miss them.  I also bought a clipless curling iron - random right?  but I LOVE it and I had been wondering if they were any good.  Thank goodness there was a convenient booth set up there for me to try it out!  On the way out we stumbled across a both selling salt water taffy - yum!  What a perfect end to the day, and the woman at that stand told us that TACOMA has a Greek Festival in October! #AddToCalendar.

Looking ahead we've got mobs on the calendar, Gena's flying in to visit me this weekend (to hang out before she's deployed for 6 months - boo!), and then before you know it, I'll be in Disney World!  See, with all of this going on...who has time to blog?! 


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