Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dreams Continued

I fell back asleep and had the following dream...

I was finishing some kind of race, possibly a triathlon (Oh, it's one of those FUNNY dreams!) and came running out of the water, running up the sand, up a little hill and THREW myself over the finish line.  I'm pretty sure I was ahead until that last little sprint.  No time to dwell on that though, because the next part of our challenge was being explained, and it involved....possibly jumping out of a plane and I was terrified.  Here's where we transition into a different scene.  These things that look like wheelchairs show up, with some weird fan thing attached to the back that we're supposed to use to fly to our next location....the next location being where I have to go to get ready to be in someone's wedding.  I'm worried because 1) I don't want to fly and 2) I'm worried my hair will get caught in the fan.  I turn to someone....and say something along the lines of how I wish I had something to put my hair in ponytail, but why WOULD I have one because I always leave my hair down when I exercise and how was I supposed to know we'd be flying in something like that. Actually, I told the person that "this is the conversation I'm having in my head...."

I could NOT get that stupid chair to fly.  My parents problem.  My dad was messing around and flying it backwards for awhile...probably to mock me.  To get it going you had to roll along like a wheelchair but only using one hand and gain enough speed to take off, but there weren't a lot of long, flat areas of land available to take off from.  At one point, this covered wagon being pulled by a horse came down the path...then the horse took off.  He looked like he was running toward me, but he veered off to my left.  The wagon was actually a place to buy souvenirs.  I made an Oregon Trail joke with the guy working in the cart, but he wasn't really following me.  I was willing to trade ammunition for something.  (No, I didn't have was a joke.)  He also didn't seem to care that the horse had run off.  I wanted to buy something but had to get to the wedding so I left.

I ended up NEVER getting in the air.  Well, at one point I think I got a little bit off the ground (1 foot max), but panicked and came back down.  Eventually I end up at this courtyard that's at the entrance to this building where the wedding is taking place.  There's a hotel and I need to find the room where we're getting ready. 

My parents have gone to change, and the first time I see them, I think my mom is in a shirt and pants and my dad is in a wedding dress, but the next time I see them they're dressed normally.  Later I pass by a little cafe and my mom is sitting in there having a snack with my brother, who is really young (maybe 7, as opposed to his real age of 22).

This whole hallway is full of rooms with people getting ready for weddings.  I finally find ours and it's filled with people getting maybe 5 other girls.  They were pretty much all people from high school.  Two girls are wearing white.  At first I think "Oh, the maid of honor is wearing something like Pippa's dress!" (Only, it had a texture that Pippa's dress didn't have and also it was really thin - I could pretty much see through it in the light.)  Then I had moment where I was confused about which girl in white was the bride, and I had to check the sign on the door to be sure.  The sign on the door had all of our names and why we were in the wedding.  I can't remember WHICH one was the bride, but the sign did answer my question and apparently I was a good friend from high school who had continued to be supportive when the bride-to-be had moved to Toronto.

I start to get ready and realize I don't have ANY of my make up...I've left it at home.  I look at the other girls, thinking maybe I can get away with the make up I have in my handbag, but they're all super done up.  I go track down my dad and tell him he's going to have to fly back over to where the cars are parked and run to my place to get my stuff.  We should have time.  It's only about 1pm and the wedding isn't until 7:30.  He has to go because not only did I switch handbags and not have any make up with me at ALL - but I also didn't have any Diet Coke (#BridesmaidFAIL).  I have a really hard time giving him instructions on where to go and what to bring back, and at one point he calls me to say what he's grabbing, but hangs up before I can give better instructions and make sure he has everything.

That's about it, but I also remember complaining about the flying chairs.  Apparently mine was made of a cheaper plastic while everyone else had metal ones.  Had I KNOWN the place wasn't that far (about a mile away) - I would've just walked instead of spending all that time TRYING to make it fly.


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