Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Lately I've been remembering weird details of are the latest.

1st Scene - The Gym (or rather - a gym)  I'm wandering around holding a 20lb free weight and trying to find a matching one.  At some point it becomes known that we just had a horrible earthquake, even though I didn't feel it.  Something like a level 16 (yeah, I know...huge!) - haha!  Then I leave the gym with a friend (possibly a flash mob friend, but I don't know exactly who - definitely a guy) while being annoyed that my parents hadn't called yet to see if I was ok.

2nd Scene - Going to lunch with Byron.  I thought it was a place we had never eaten before, but once we got there, I realized I HAD been there before (although possibly not with Byron) - it was just called something else when I was there before.  I should point out that if I really HAVE eaten there's only been a dream - it's not a real place.  You enter by walking down a long flight of stairs.  We ordered food and went to go sit down in the executive area (this back, around the corner section that has nicer seating - that I've sat at before, the other time I've "eaten" there).  We  got a giant cinnamon roll to share - like the giant one I split over the weekend at brunch with 3 other people.  Byron treated - we had burgers.  Thanks Byron!

I was sad because I woke up before we ate the cinnamon roll. :-)


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