Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We've All Got Our Junk

Doesn't everyone have a junk email account?

I do.  It's actually my first (non-aol) email address, and I use it for anything that I have to sign up for. Contests, registrations, ordering stuff online, etc. But it's not ALL junk.  It's more like, my personal email address is personal, and everything else goes to my junk mail.  That means that there is stuff that goes to my junk email account that I actually want or like, so I am in there - often daily - going through all of the junk, deleting what I don't want and dealing with the "important" junk.

But in my over planning for my trip, I realized that I don't want to spend time managing junk email while I'm gone, so over the weekend I started doing what I probably should have done a long time ago - I began removing my name from email lists.  Not all of them - just the ones where I either really don't care, or don't need to see emails from every day/week.  Some of them I may join later.  I don't mind Groupon emails - I just really don't need daily emails from them over the next two months.

Since Saturday I have removed my name from 63 - yes, SIXTY THREE - email lists, and I have a feeling that I will leave even before my trip.

The pic at the top is where they take you when you try to leave the Michael's emails - definitely the more entertaining email removal page I've come across in the past few days!

Monday, March 10, 2014

A Little Something Every Day

Trip planning is consuming every single spare moment I have. It's crazy, and more than once I've felt like there's no way I can be ready in time. Although I realize that if I have my plane tickets, I mean, that's all I *really* need to make this happen, but I'll feel much better one I at least have all of my lodging figured out as well.

After that, I just want to have enough planned out ahead of time so that I'm not wasting time ON my trip. And I need my entire home and finances in order before I you know, just EVERYTHING has to be done.

Some of my research involves trial runs of things that will take place on the trip, like testing the handbag and shoes I want to use. (Priorities!!) I also needed to make sure I knew how to get photos from my new camera onto my iPad, and then from my iPad to wherever I wanted them to go.  I gave that a go last week. Several apps and a handy dandy SD card reader later, I was successful. I'm just praying that the card reader continues to work throughout my trip.  Apparently it can be a little finicky and sometimes decides that it hates pictures and doesn't want to look at them.  At the top of this post is one of the first photos at successfully made the new camera > iPad > internet journey.  This is my Godparents and me! They were in town for a writers' conference last week, and we were able to meet up for a quick dinner with my parents.  I only see them once every few years, so I was thrilled to see them - especially right before leaving on a big trip.  They are quite the world travelers so I was eager to share my trip details with them!

In an effort to only REALLY focus on what needs to get done before I leave, I'm considering NOT getting a new cell phone before my trip. Partly because I've done a lot of research and am still unable to make a decision, and partly because April seems to be new-phone-release month (of course), so it may be wise to wait. It's not like I'll be using my phone much while I'm gone anyway.

Also, in a cruel twist of fate, I received my lease renewal notice. I knew this would happen before I left, and I even knew my rent would go up, but I did NOT anticipate my rent increasing by a gazillion dollars.  Since moving before I leave isn't an option, I am now looking at moving ASAP upon my return. This means my last week of sabbatical, which was supposed to be lovely and relaxing, may now be a scrambling mad dash of packing. Since I won't be able to move right at the end of my lease, I'll be switching to month to month. Pro: It gives me the flexibility to wait until I find the "right" new place without the financial penalty of breaking my lease.  Con: Going month to month costs a gazillion + $100 dollars per month. Ugh. Oh well, nothing I can do about it before my trip, so I'm not going to worry about it yet.

This posting is also a test!  This is the first post written on and posted from my iPad! Let's see how that goes, shall we?

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