Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baby Fish Mouth

While I was walking through Costco tonight I was forming a blog post (otherwise known as talking to myself in my head) about all things literary related - because last night I went to my first ever book club meeting.

However, with the passing of Nora Ephron today, I feel that it's necessary that I share my thoughts about two of my all time FAVORITE MOVIES.

You've Got Mail

A movie full of win.  How could I not love this movie?!  Bookstores and the Internet...does it get any better than that?  This movie came out in 1998.  The summer of 1996 was when I first logged on to AOL...and it changed my life.  I say that with equal parts seriousness and sarcasm...I mean, didn't the Internet change everyone's life?  Let's just say...the words "You've Got Mail"...I get it.  Those three little words.  On top of that the movie was just delightful, funny, touching, hopeful and full of quotable lines.
  • No, but there is the dream of someone else
  • Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?
  • F-O-X

When Harry Met Sally

As far as Romantic Comedies go...I may have to say this is the absolute best - of all time.  I first saw When Harry Met Sally in 2001.  Yes, you read that correctly.  WHERE HAD IT BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?!  Or more accurately, where had *I* been its whole life?!?  This was a movie I took with me on Semester at Sea.  A movie I had never seen before.  I don't know how many times I watched it that summer....but let's just say that for awhile there, I was watching it every single day.  That's not incredibly odd behavior on my part.  I also knew every word (also not terribly unusual) and every musical cue (ok, a little more extreme, even for me).  Is it even worth mentioning that the love story is the best because it's actually believable - you actually believe it CAN happen to you?  It's also brilliantly funny - obviously. The most impressive thing about When Harry Met Sally?  It's timeless.  I don't know if it's because the storyline spans years....or because of the interviews with the couples....or if it's because their names are Harry and Sally....this movie is as true and relevant today as it was in 2001, and as I'm sure it was in 1989.

We lost a true gem today.  I'm so thankful that she left behind these wonderful gifts.

Friday, June 22, 2012

I Got Yo Back!

My back has been hurting every morning when I wake up for the past 4 weeks, so today I decided to find a doctor.  I realized that I can't constantly preach preventative care if I didn't address a month long back issue.  Plus, what if it really is something more serious?

Well....am I glad I went?  Sure - I guess TECHNICALLY the doctor eliminated some of the more serious possibilities.  Did I walk out with any helpful information?  Not really.  Did I spend a lot of money?  Absolutely (well, I haven't been billed yet, but I'm sure it wasn't cheap). On the plus side, I made some progress on today's chapters while I was waiting for the doctor to arrive.*

Considering I have no knowledge of any changes in my routine or lifestyle, I was not providing the doctor with much helpful information.  No, it's not my bed.  No, I've been using this handbag for years (could the extra weight of my Kindle Fire be killing my back!?)  I had a horrible moment where I thought my back pain coincided with when I started wearing my new TOMS wedges....but then I realized that I started wearing them about a week after my back started hurting.  (Don't ask me how I remember things like this.)

On a side note - when I mentioned that I HAD been wearing a certain pair of shoes a lot, along with "but they're so comfortable," my doctor said "comfortable for your feet....."  What sort of unjust world are we living in if I can finally find shoes that are comfortable for my feet but are painful for my back!?!?  Also, does this mean the solution is that I need to go shoe shopping?? #KatProbs (No, really, it's a legitimate #KatProb...I don't enjoy shoe shopping 98% of the time.)

So I left with a list of stretches.  Stretches I already know how to do.  I guess I could be more diligent with them and see if anything improves.   I was also told I probably have a weak core - I'm pretty sure that's common knowledge.  What's implied along with that is that my apples are too big (also common knowledge).

I will do the stretches....I will try to not fall asleep on the couch....I will consider finding other shoes.  I've always been very cautious/paranoid about back and knee issues.  I value my freedom of movement to much.  I originally thought the pain was stress related...and if it's muscle related I suppose there's the possibility that it at least STARTED as stress related.

Maybe it's time for another massage...

*See Wheel of Time blog that I haven't written yet

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Even More Dreams

Eyes out, hair up, SYTYCD on.

I've had a few more dreams...

In one I started off as pregnant, but I didn't look pregnant.  So much so that at one point in the dream I thought "am I really pregnant?"  Later in  the dream I had a baby boy named Julian.  Interestingly, I've had a dream before where I had a baby (don't know if it was a boy or a girl) and the baby's LAST name was Purdue.

In this recent dream I was being attacked.  This has also been a recent theme, but I'll come back to that.  What's been nice is that in all of these recent being-attacked dreams, I haven't been scared.  As in, they are not nightmares.  In this dream, I was in a car with my mom and the baby, and people came up to the car and started stealing stuff from the trunk.  I had to get out and shoo them away, and then I told my mom she wasn't allowed to park in that parking lot anymore.  (I have a feeling this setting was due to the recent shootings in Seattle.  There was a car jacking/shooting that happened not to far where I live/work.)

Then, last night I had a dream that I woke up at 8:30am for a 9am meeting in Tukwila...then when I got there, the meeting was 3 hours late.  Luckily, I didn't REALLY wake up at 8:30 for my 9am meeitng.  I woke up at 6am.

Lately I've actually been going to bed at a normal time. I don't think I'm really a fan, but that's a story for another time.

Oh!  The other attack dreams.  I had a dream where I was going to be attacked (obviously).  I was siting in my car in a wooded area (why was I there?!?) and there were these people running toward the car.  I knew they were coming to get me (and not just running toward me.  I woke up...and all of the sudden I could FEEL the adrenaline spreading through my arms and legs.  It was early...maybe around 4am? but I just stayed awake because I figured, with the adrenaline there was no way I was falling back asleep.

Then it happened AGAIN - maybe a week or so later.  I was being attacked on the street in that dream.  I MADE myself fall asleep again that time though, because when I woke up (and felt the adrenaline rush) I looked at the clock and I had only been asleep for TWO HOURS.  Ugh.

I've been having the most interesting dreams lately.  I think it's because I actually set my alarm for an hour to an hour and a half before I need to wake up.  and I think it's in that last hour that I have dreams that I remember because I'm not going back into a deep sleep.

To be clear - the adrenaline dreams are in a separate category from the other dreams I've been writing about recently. :-)

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