Friday, June 22, 2012

I Got Yo Back!

My back has been hurting every morning when I wake up for the past 4 weeks, so today I decided to find a doctor.  I realized that I can't constantly preach preventative care if I didn't address a month long back issue.  Plus, what if it really is something more serious? I glad I went?  Sure - I guess TECHNICALLY the doctor eliminated some of the more serious possibilities.  Did I walk out with any helpful information?  Not really.  Did I spend a lot of money?  Absolutely (well, I haven't been billed yet, but I'm sure it wasn't cheap). On the plus side, I made some progress on today's chapters while I was waiting for the doctor to arrive.*

Considering I have no knowledge of any changes in my routine or lifestyle, I was not providing the doctor with much helpful information.  No, it's not my bed.  No, I've been using this handbag for years (could the extra weight of my Kindle Fire be killing my back!?)  I had a horrible moment where I thought my back pain coincided with when I started wearing my new TOMS wedges....but then I realized that I started wearing them about a week after my back started hurting.  (Don't ask me how I remember things like this.)

On a side note - when I mentioned that I HAD been wearing a certain pair of shoes a lot, along with "but they're so comfortable," my doctor said "comfortable for your feet....."  What sort of unjust world are we living in if I can finally find shoes that are comfortable for my feet but are painful for my back!?!?  Also, does this mean the solution is that I need to go shoe shopping?? #KatProbs (No, really, it's a legitimate #KatProb...I don't enjoy shoe shopping 98% of the time.)

So I left with a list of stretches.  Stretches I already know how to do.  I guess I could be more diligent with them and see if anything improves.   I was also told I probably have a weak core - I'm pretty sure that's common knowledge.  What's implied along with that is that my apples are too big (also common knowledge).

I will do the stretches....I will try to not fall asleep on the couch....I will consider finding other shoes.  I've always been very cautious/paranoid about back and knee issues.  I value my freedom of movement to much.  I originally thought the pain was stress related...and if it's muscle related I suppose there's the possibility that it at least STARTED as stress related.

Maybe it's time for another massage...

*See Wheel of Time blog that I haven't written yet


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