Friday, February 28, 2014


This is happening in the near future.

I may or may not blog about it.

I may or may not collapse from exhaustion before I leave.

All the errands, all the appointments, all the planning, all the lists...


Thursday, February 27, 2014


Screen Shot of Kindle Cover

You know that thing where people believe they would be best friends with certain celebrities? It's a thing. There was a brief window of time where Britney Spears was considering going to UW. I was certain we'd be buddies - Brit and me.  Fast forward to today...I don't think that Brit and I would be BFFs anymore, but there are other celebrities who have taken her place and they're on the short invite list for when I host my celebrity dinner party.

And then there's Mayim Bialik.  Mayim, who I absolutely adore, but as I've said before, I don't think we would be besties. We have...almost nothing in common, and I have a feeling any interaction beyond me asking for a photo would be incredibly awkward. (And let's be honest, the photo ask would most likely be awkward on its own.)

But I have to support my bloggers!!! So I've purchased the Kindle version of her recently released cookbook Mayim's Vegan Table: More than 100 Great-Tasting and Healthy Recipes from My Family to Yours.

Anyone who knows me is laughing at the fact that I bought a vegan cookbook...

Me: I bought Mayim's vegan cookbook 
Jared: good good
for when you become vegan 
Me: right?
she SAID that this book is full of the recipes that non-vegans ask her for
and they are also the recipes that her kids really like
so I figure
if I'm going to eat vegan
I would probably eat like a vegan child
Jared: hahahaha  

To be clear - I'm not planning on becoming vegan, but I'm not opposed to trying some kid-friendly recipes. :-)

Oh, and Mayim - if you're reading this, and you would like to come to dinner, you are absolutely invited!


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