Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We've All Got Our Junk

Doesn't everyone have a junk email account?

I do.  It's actually my first (non-aol) email address, and I use it for anything that I have to sign up for. Contests, registrations, ordering stuff online, etc. But it's not ALL junk.  It's more like, my personal email address is personal, and everything else goes to my junk mail.  That means that there is stuff that goes to my junk email account that I actually want or like, so I am in there - often daily - going through all of the junk, deleting what I don't want and dealing with the "important" junk.

But in my over planning for my trip, I realized that I don't want to spend time managing junk email while I'm gone, so over the weekend I started doing what I probably should have done a long time ago - I began removing my name from email lists.  Not all of them - just the ones where I either really don't care, or don't need to see emails from every day/week.  Some of them I may join later.  I don't mind Groupon emails - I just really don't need daily emails from them over the next two months.

Since Saturday I have removed my name from 63 - yes, SIXTY THREE - email lists, and I have a feeling that I will leave even before my trip.

The pic at the top is where they take you when you try to leave the Michael's emails - definitely the more entertaining email removal page I've come across in the past few days!


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