Thursday, October 31, 2013

Not a Running Blog

It would be so easy to turn this blog into something about running, but that would kill my soul.

And even though it would be seasonally appropriate, being Halloween and all, I prefer to keep my soul for now.

All I will say is that our team is still running - and I ran a total of 11 times in the month of October.  Not too shabby - especially since I never could've dreamed of that before.

But a LOT of other things have happened since my post on July 11th other than running.  Not only that, but they are things that are at LEAST 1000 times more interesting.  I'm going to employ a technique I've used before, which I like to call "Here Are the Things I Would Blog About If I Had More Time."

  • I held a Christmas in July party - also referred to as Christmas Lite.  It was definitely a success...this may become a tradition.
  • I served on Jury Duty for the first time, was assigned to a trial, and was the head Juror.
  • My parents bought a brand new house! It's beautiful, single level, and only 3 miles from their old house.
  • I went to PAX again this year - this time with my brother - and I was one of the Pajaggle champions of the weekend.  I actually won something.  At Pax!  
  • I got an amazing new bed - and then promptly began traveling nonstop so I barely had a chance to use it.
  • Byron and Christine got married in a weekend extravaganza on Whidbey Island.
  • I learned my Myers-Briggs type: INTJ. I love it and it explains SO MUCH!
  • I went to North Dakota with my dad and grandma - I haven't been to ND since I was probably 4 years old.
  • (For the sake of chronological-ness, running began 2 days after I came back from ND)
  • Jared and I went to LA during which the following things happened:
    • Staying with Beth + Trivia Night
    • 1 Day (17 hours) at Disneyland
    • San Diego Zoo (OMG Pandas!!)
    • We took a dance class from SYTYCD's Donyelle
  • I had my dresser repaired and have completely moved back into my bedroom for the first time since MARCH!!!!  (Did I write about that? Probably not.  Surprise, surprise, there was a leak in my shower wall that destroyed part of my bedroom dresser last March.)
  • Lindsay, Jared and I went to NYC where we...
    • Saw 8 different shows (5 shows each)
    • Saw 12 friends and family members
    • Purchased 30+ Schmackary's cookies
I sincerely hope I have the time and energy to write about all of these adventures some day. I really think if I had the time I would enjoy writing about them!  I decided recently that what I NEED is an iPad with a keyboard.  Then I could take that anywhere and easily blog all the time.  Right? Right?  #RightToolsRightTime

To say I like to stay busy is an understatement.  When I look over the past few months all I feel is gratitude.  I'm a ridiculously lucky girl.


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