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AJP Email - Sunscreen

AJP is the name that Jared, Sara and I go by as a group.  As in "Let's have an AJP night" or "Is AJP going to make an appearance at the birthday party?"  The letters stand for Alice (me), Jace (Jared), and Sara (Pippa).

December 2011 ~ I took AJP to Disneyland

Someday I'll explain how it all came to be, but it's no different than any other nickname story.  (Ok, that's not true, it's probably much better than most - on the number line of nickname stories.) ;-)  Sara and I, without Jared, are Team Satrina.

Sara, Jared, and I often have long group email discussions that are beyond hilarious to the three of us.  Sometimes I think they'd be amusing to others as well.  Below is an example of such an email string, presented for you in more of a chat format.  This was after our day of mobbing in Kirkland.  The day was one of or sunnier, warmer days of summer.  MUCH warmer and sunnier than we are used to dancing in for sure.

That night Jared's arms were bright red.  This email string took place two days later:

Jared: This is the strangest sunburn I've ever had.  It hasn't hurt hardly at all and it already seems to have significantly faded.  Is this what it's like when normal people get a sunburn?

Katrina: Sounds like it just wasn't much of a sunburn.

I'm bringing my sunblock to AJP time so you can see if you like it ON YOUR FACE!

Jared: But you saw it!  I was *very* sunburned!

Sara: When did this sunburn happen?

Jared: Saturday.  During the mob.  When I was under my umbrella

Katrina: Maybe you need a special sun protective mom has one of those.

Jared: I was kind of joking, but do you think that I actually got burned *through* the umbrella?

Katrina: I like this answer:


A more probable real answer would be:

You were using a black umbrella, so you avoided MOST of the suns direct rays.  It is more likely that you were burned in the time you were not using the umbrella.

Sara: Obviously that umbrella didn't work well for you Jared.  I'm sorry you got burnt.  Jared, were you wearing ANY sunscreen?

Jared: perhaps not...

Katrina: He was not - even though he brought some "for other people to use"

Jared - you are not getting skin cancer on OUR watch!

I don't like wearing sunblock either, but even I wear it on the days that we're going to be outside dancing all day.

Nostalgic Side Note: The smell of sunblock always takes me back to the zoo - from when I would put sun block on in the car as my mom drove me to the zoo for work. 

Sara: Hmm.  Then it's really odd that you got burned seeing how it was 80, you weren't wearing any sunscreen and your complexion is fair.  Odd.

Jared: I was under an umbrella MOST OF THE DAY!!  I really thought I'd be fine.

Sara: The smell of sunblock takes me back to being a kid, swimming all summer long in the pool in the backyard and hanging out with my sister.  I thought of it on Saturday when I put on sunscreen before I went to the mobs.

An umbrella is not sunscreen.

Jared: An umbrella is quite literally a sun screen.

Sara: But it is not sunscreen with SPF my friend.  Umbrellas don't prevent cancer.  I'm pretty sure on that.

Katrina: But only against certain rays.

Other rays are bouncing all over and reflecting off things that an umbrella can't block.

Jared: #UmbrellasAreInadequate

The umbrella is disappointing...*

Sara: Let this be a lesson to you Jared.  Here are your takeaways from this conversation:

The sun can cause skin cancer.

Umbrellas don't prevent cancer.

Sunscreen lotion will help you not get burned.  It can also make you nostalgic for other times or bring up childhood memories.

Jared: noted.

Sara: The sun "screen" was way disappointing.

Katrina: (This is so going on the blog)

*"The umbrella is disappointing" is a reference to this video/book "The Baby is Disappointing" - an AJP favorite:


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