Monday, February 11, 2013

Dreams 2013 Edition - Part 1

I like posting about dreams because
  1. My dreams are weird
  2. I would probably forget about them if i didn't post them
  3. I usually email the details to friends the next morning, so for the most part I'm just copying and pasting to post them here - with a few extra special details for my imaginary readers.
Here are the dreams I've remembered so far this year...
  • Car accident. I pulled onto the freeway but there was an unexpected cloverleaf turn and my car spun around and hit the side railing backwards.  Apparently I was fine and luckily this was not a nightmare or otherwise "scary" dream.
  • Someone came over to see me at my parents house (where I was staying in my old room - that still looked like my room) from work with a work issue (items not being priced correctly).  They just showed up uninvited and started dumping out bags of merchandise onto the floor.  I fell asleep while they were talking and they left in a huff.  I found out later that they were really upset, but it didn't bother so much because they had barged into my/my parents' home.
  • I was on a college campus, it's raining, I'm trying to find my class.  I don't know why I assumed it would be in a certain building, but it wasn't.  Then I couldn't find the right building on the map.  Then I ran into a friend who wanted to meet up later (for New Year's?) and was trying to arrange where we should meet, but I was trying to rush because I was late for class.  Also, I was barefoot. 
  • I was the only person who could kill some sort of monster in some sort of body of water that was only accessible during the lowest possible tide - even though I think it was a lake and appeared to be in my parent's back yard. All I could use to kill it were matches (matches on a long stick).  Killing it involved lighting a match and sticking it in his mouth. I didn't know this ahead of time, but was apparently what I figured out when I faced him. I kept having trouble keeping a match lit long enough.  Luckily the monster was patient and waited for me to get one to stay lit long enough to kill him.  Once I stuck a lit match in his mouth he turned to dust.
  • I have a boyfriend with a young son (as in - the child was his, not mine - older than 5, less than 10) and we went to  It was kind of like a science center but more artsy.  For example, at one station you could use colored wax and different shaped molds to make your own crayons. I was wearing a t-shirt, from some..convention I had attended?  No clue what kind, but why was I wearing this t-shirt in public?!  That is definitely unlike me.  This was clearly some sort of alternate universe.  (In telling this dream to some of my friends, their first comment was also "that doesn't sound like you" in regards to wearing the t-shirt.)
  • In another I had a panda bear that I had rescued (although I kept accidentally calling it a koala and confusing people).  I rescued it from somewhere snowy, and was in the process of bringing it home.  Someone had secured a crate for me to use to bring him on the plane, and we were getting ready to go at my parents' house. I went to check on him and he was out of the crate!!!  He was just hanging out in the family room, and then he started talking to me.  I don't remember what he said, but I think he wasn't trying to escape - he just didn't want to wait in the crate.  There was also a bird cage in the room, and I think he asked if they were coming too and I said no - that the birds belonged to my brother and that I was scared of birds.  Then a talking chicken showed up and I spoke with him too, but I can't remember that conversation was about.  I guess I'm not scared of chickens?  At some point in this dream I told someone else that all the animals can understand and speak English - they just chose not to most of the time.


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