Monday, January 10, 2011

Up and Down the Mountain

This past weekend, flash mob friends Jen and Mike hosted almost 40 people for a day of tubing in the snow at The Summit at Snoqualmie and an evening of fun at their home.  This was my first time tubing, and not being a skier, this was my first time being out in that area.

Tubing was a LOT of fun.  I didn't know what to expect, but there were carved out chutes in a hill side - you would pick one, get in line, slide down when it was your turn and then either walk up the hill or be pulled by a lift (of sorts)

My first time going down the hill I sat on my tube, but after that I went down head first on my stomach.  Not only did I find that way to be more fun, but when you are sitting it is awkward to get started unless you have someone there to push you.  During my first run, I was surprised at how FAST you go!  Once I started going on down on my stomach, you could really feel the wind and snow on your face.  It actually snowed on and off while we were there!

After the tubing was over we took pictures in the snow.  We are so lucky that Mike is a wonderful photographer and so generously documents many of the good times we have as a flash mob family.  (See all of our tubing pictures on Mike's website HERE!)  There was some snow ball fighting, which I did not really participate in, and then we all trekked back to Mike and Jen's where we spent the evening (and much of the morning) eating, visiting, dancing (of COURSE) watching performance videos and enjoying the company of each other.  Some of the guys even performed a routine they had put together in response to the Burlesque routine that the girls had done in December.

I overheard one person say how impressed they are that the guys put that routine together on their own time, for no other reason other than to share it with us at this party!  Their putting together that routine illustrates what I love about this group of people.  I have no better way to describe it other than - People who meet because they're willing to rehearse and dance in the street with "strangers" are generally good, fun people that bring positive energy to those around them.

I'm so lucky to know this group of people, and I'm looking forward to the good times that I know we'll have together in the coming year!

In other New Years News:
  •  A palm reader at my work holiday party said that a big relationship is "right around the corner"!
  • I don't do resolutions, but I accidentally set some "monthly focuses" (Monthly focuses are something that I purposely created in place of resolutions several years ago when I lived with Jill.) January is Cleaning & Organizing and February is Finances.  Possible updates to follow ;-)


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